Yuzuya Hotel and Restaurant (柚子屋旅館 ) - Kyoto

Yuzuya Hotel and Restaurant (柚子屋旅館 ) - Kyoto

This is Kent writing on behalf of Josephine and Wendy. They were so happy about the place they called the story in from Kyoto. She is currently at Isshinkyo Restaurant in the Yuzuya Hotel. If you can read kanji, you understand it right: it is literally called: the Yuzu Ryokan. Yuzu is a critical ingredient in Japanese cuisine and for any modern chef. Citrus plays an essential role in modern cuisine. Yuzu is ostensibly the king of fruit. There is something simultaneously soothing, refreshing, delicate and exciting about the yuzu citrus. So if you are foodie or chef, you have high expectations for any establishment that decides to make it a running theme.

Isshinkyo is located on the first floor of the Yuzuya Hotel. The Ryokan sources their Yuzu from Mizuo, The thing to order at this restaurant is the Yuzu-nabe. It is a savory porridge made with dashi, eggs, fish slices (seasonally selected), spring onions and a whole yuzu. Those of you have tasted yuzu know that it is tart. It is a hybrid of Ichang papeda and sour mandarin oranges. Not to worry, the yuzu has been prepared such that it contributes its perfume to what is a savory seafood dish. Mind you, Yuzu in Japan is very different from the fruit you find in California. The aroma is muted compared to the fruit used in Japan.

With so many people going to Kyoto over the coming weeks for the Sakura season, you will want to book this place in advance. You will want to experience the perfume of Mizuo yuzu!

PS. If you are wondering about the ryokan, we’ll be covering that at a later date.

Yuzuya Hotel Isshinkyo

Yasaka Shrine Minamitonari,Gion-machi,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto 605-0074
Tell:81-75-533-6369 Fax:81-75-533-6380

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