Tsukiji Kitsuneya - Awesome Offal!

Of course, we have video for you :D

I say again: Offal is awesome!

As the name implies Tsukiji Kitsuneya (築地きつねや) is located in the Tsukiji outer market.  Where is the outer market relative to the Tuna Auction?  When you first come out of the subway (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and you see Lawson's convenience store, that whole block is the outer market.  

Tsukiji outer market is full of tasty treats and Kitsuneya is one of them.  But why go get horumon don, a.k.a beef offal stew poured over a bed of rice?  Why not save your stomach for sushi?  

It is cold working in the refrigerated buildings that store all the fish that everyone in Tokyo will eat that day.  Moreover, when it is 8 degrees centigrade outside, you want something to warm your belly before you explore the rest of Tsukiji.  As much as I love chirashi just, it's just too cold. 

Don't be squeamish about offal.  In the immortal words of Russell Peters, "Be a man! Do the right thing!"  Get that bowl of beef offal!  You won't regret it.  Roast beef with tripe is awesome.  It reminds me a bit of the tripe sandwiches you can find in Florence.  But tripe in Japan (or Taiwan) is better.  Prepared in a large pot, every part of the cow is represented in horumon.  All that beefy goodness you can smell as you walk from Lawsons down to the Tsukiji main gate.  You can't help but stop and look at the line of people waiting for an amazing bowl.  

How to eat it?

Like the gyudon, before you shovel it into your mouth, add some spring onions and togarashi (chili pepper flakes). Take a bite of rice with it.  Or if you are like me, I mix it all together, spring onions, togarashi and all. The beef is tender and the pieces of meat just flake off.  But be careful, It's hot!  So take your time and savor it. Have a little barley tea to wash it down. It's a power-up you can't miss on a cold day.


Tsukji Kitsueneya

Located @ the Tsukiji Outer Market on Shin-Ohashi Dori.  Walk from the Tsukiji Station toward the market.  You can't miss the queue and the gaggle of people shoveling beef bowls down their gullets. It's that satisfying on a cold day.

〒104-0045 Tokyo, Chūō, Tsukiji, 4丁目9−12



Kent is a management consultant who has spent years traveling for work.  His refuge is looking for the perfect meal so that he can reproduce it at home with his wife and friends.