Tsukiji Tuna Auction

What is it about Tsukji that gives me the energy to haul my ass up at 3AM? It's the energy of the bidders and auctioneers.  You don't need to understand Japanese to feel the tension in the air.  Every auctioneer has a different style of engaging the bidders.  Even as you walk from the Visitor Information Center to the auction area you feel the frenetic pace. 

My hotel room had a good view of the Tsukji, so I began shooting Tsukiji Market starting at 3AM.  My camera kept shooting until I returned nearly 8 hours later.  You can see how busy the the market and surrounding area is. (You can also see when the hotel staff accidentally bumped my camera. They even left a note to apologize!). 

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P.S. If you are wondering where I set up my camera, I picked the Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier in Ginza.  Its a solid business hotel with great views of Tokyo Tower, and Tsukji and most importantly a five minute walk to all the great places to eat in Ginza.  As much as I love the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho in Tokyo, it is much more practical to be closer to Tsukji for an early morning visit.

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