Frenchie Convent Garden

Who doesn't love brunch in Convent Garden?  After a sleepless night of children invading your bed and constant "Why daddy?" whining, I would think any parent needs a proper morning cocktail and something to warm the belly. Organize a brunch with your besties at Frenchie and let the hubbub of hawkers, buskers, and the clackety-clack of pedestrians put your children to sleep (or amply distract them).

My go-to brunch spot is Frenchie Convent Garden.  It is the latest outpost by Gregory Marchand. It is toward the end of Henrrietta Street  It, of course, had to be named Frenchie Convent Garden, because he's used about every other variation: Frenchie, Frenchie Wine Bar, Frenchie To Go, and Frenchie WIneShop. Most likely his next place will be upscale and named simply "F."

Jesting aside, the food at Frenchie is most certainly an "A+"  Those of you who love the Savoy Grill at the MO London where he left his mark might recognize his technique. What's with the restaurant name? He was baptized "Frenchie"  by Jaimie Oliver while at Fifteen.

Frenchie Convent Garden is a smart Parisian-style bar.  it is brightly lit place without being cold, even down in the private dining space/chef's table.  The food at its core is French but is, of course, Asian Influenced. I won't tell you what to eat because it's all good!  Just make sure you save some room some cheese and dessert!

Kent is a management consultant who has spent years traveling for work.  His refuge is looking for the perfect meal so that he can reproduce it at home with his wife and friends.