This J posting on behalf of Doug Pierson. I’ve had the pleasure of Doug’s friendship for well over a decade. He wanted to share his Global Citizenship trip with his team at Microsoft. They are delivering tablets and educational supplies to the areas around Kathmandu that are still recovering from the tragic 2015 earthquake.

Dear J,

Over the last few years, my teammates and I have looked to dedicate time and effort to give back to the community - the worldwide community. Many of us are Microsoft employees from Nepal, the United States, Hong Kong, Istanbul, France, and Canada.  

During the last 8 years, our team has traveled to and supported NGO’s from Cambodia to Los Angeles. Our focus?  Children education.  Last year, we supported a Syrian refugee camp in Thessaloniki, Greece. Today, I'm in the Khumbu Region of Nepal, donating 40 tablets and educational supplies across villages, schools, and monasteries.

The trek up the mountain is hard but it is worth it. The communities here are still rebuilding from the earthquake. It is important to note that the local men and women who support us make it possible for us efficiently move village to village. It is an incredible opportunity to learn from them and their unique culture. It is an honor to bring home these stories home to our friends and family.

It's our opportunity to bring two worlds closer together. 


Photo Credit: Doug Pierson and Mark Gunlogson

As a strategic consultant, I manage chaos for a living. So travel is easy for me. Heh. I travel to understand people and culture more deeply than a newspaper or tv show could ever tell me. I break bread to build bridges across political and social boundaries. Travel inspires me, teaches me and humbles me such that I appreciate my part of the world more deeply.