Senso-ji Temple @ Night

Senso-ji Temple is Japan’s oldest temple. Located on Asakusa Tokyo, it is comprised of a five-story pagoda, Shinto Shrine and the Asakusa Shrine. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of a Japanese temple when being jostled about by the press of tourist struggling to get their selfies in. With over 30 million visitors annually, I decided to skip out a day shoot and visit Sensō-ji temple at night.

The temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva of Compassion. At night without the tourists you can feel that it is hallowed ground. It is simply gorgeous.

As a strategic consultant, I manage chaos for a living. So travel is easy for me. Heh. I travel to understand people and culture more deeply than a newspaper or tv show could ever tell me. I break bread to build bridges across political and social boundaries. Travel inspires me, teaches me and humbles me such that I appreciate my part of the world more deeply.