The Impossible Burger makes me think that eating less meat is possible

I love meat.

I really love eating meat. I love it grilled, sautéed, even rare. There is something about growing up next to Bongiorno supermarket and having the butcher teach me what you can do with the different parts of a cow, chicken or pig was exciting for me as a kid.

These guys would prep the meat for my mom to save her time preparing the evening meal when she got home from work. My job was to pick up the order after school. Butchers then were guys who could manage a dozen orders, cook a samples of their house sausage and give cooking advice. They are not today's annoying mustachioed hipsters, or worse: Salt Bae.  You can do amazing things with proteins, which is why I love meat. So when you talk to me about plant-based proteins, my stomach grumbles in protest, which leads me to the Impossible Burger.  

I've heard about it for a while because some friends in the venture community backed it.  When Temasek became the lead investor, it really piqued my interest.

Honestly, I thought the Impossible Burger was going to taste like the Chinese vegetarian ham that my vegan friends are so fond of: faux ham, faux flavoring. To me that is just fauxed-up (pun intended). 

I was wrong.

There, I've said it.

If someone didn't tell me that it was not a meat based protein, I would have thought it was a pork patty with a little chicken in it.

I would eat it again.

Really, I'm not kidding. Damn, this really gives me something to think about.

P.S. No animals were harmed during the making of this blog article. 



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Kent is a management consultant who has spent years traveling for work.  His refuge is looking for the perfect meal so that he can reproduce it at home with his wife and friends.